Denis Sorin

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Denis Sorin launched 10+ years ago to address the needs of his fellow hoteliers from around the world:

Having made a name for himself on four continents, demonstrating repeatedly how to turn a challenging business (be it a one property or an international hospitality group) into a success story, requests came from all over!

Few years later, Denis started to develop and successfully implement Fun Management techniques in numerous hospitality companies.

Other businesses from various industries (from education to a flower shops network!) asked to benefit from such a rewarding and innovative management approach.

The success was so overwhelming that a new branch had to be developed:

FunLeaders was born.

This is when Joshua Davis came onboard - a long-term friend; they met back in the 1990's when Denis was based in the United States.

If Denis is a renown hotelier, Joshua made a name for himself as a human resources specialist who strongly believes that happy employees make successful companies.

That's what FunLeaders is all about!

A couple of years later, together they founded ADPS Group, a tool that allows to better manage both activities (five78 and FunLeaders), thus improving cost and quality control while ensuring that our own teams love working with us.

That's a minimum, don't you think? 

Do you want to know more about the top seasoned professionals who are making ADPS Group a growing success?

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Joshua Davis